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Where the Passion Begins

  • Bachelor Degree in Law and MBA from Curtin University

  • General Partner of LuxeGreen Venture for 8 years, investing and incubating start-ups and entrepreneurs globally

  • Business Development Director for 10 years, involved in strategic planning and general management in the education industry

  • SVP of The Private Office Asia, in charge of financial structuring and wealth management advisory. Keen crypto investment advisor for 2 years in China and an active community member in Blockchain

  • Currently covers China technology market extensively, with key networks in the tech and investment industry

Co-Founder and Co - CEO

  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Hons), and post graduate Masters in Finance

  • Investment Management for AUM portfolio of USD 20 billion in Great Eastern Holdings, AMB Capital (PE) and FNN Group

  • Experience in Investment banking, mergers and acquisition and reverse take-overs on electronics and ICT sector, closing over USD 10billion of deals across Asia for DBS Bank

  • Was based previously in China (Shanghai), Indonesia (JKT), Malaysia (KL), Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Co-Founder and CEO of several successful tech and lifestyle investment start ups: AFI (2011), Emporium Group (2012), GEA Global Capital (2008), STYLO International (2013). Exited 2 start ups successfully.

  • Awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur 2016 by the Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

Associate Director

  • MBA from Fern – Uni Hagen, Germany

  • More than 30 years in IT project management and software engineering, including 15 years implementing SAP Finance in different roles.

  • Expertise in General Management, SAP Finance, Accounting, Treasury, and Cash Management

  • Worked previously in IBM, Deutsche Bank, SAP and Siemens

  • Served international clients such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Saudi Aramco, Singapore Power, Lindt Spruengli and Bosch.

Tech Specialist

  • NUS Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (Hons)

  • Cumulate of over 10 years in the tech industry, with 6 years as a software engineer in an ASEAN tech start up that was acquired

  • Served 3 years in the public sector for government tender evaluation and project management under the Smart Nation initiative

  • Accumulated 4 years of Crypto currency investment experience, with sectorial focus in the Blockchain technology

  • Author and analyst on different tech strategic papers on blockchain technology, ICO offerings and white paper analysis

  • Partner and advisor to multiple ICO projects across Asia

Associate Director

  • Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Newcastle, Australia, Double major in Finance and Financial Accounting

  • 8 years of working experience in accounting, audit, corporate structure and strategic consulting in various multinational companies

  • Founding team of two Singapore Tech start ups, focusing on the F&B and travel industry

  • Business advisory and consultancy for more than 30 SME projects on digitalisation business strategy

Associate Director

  • Graduated from National University of Singapore and Stanford University, majoring in Engineering and Business administration

  • 11 years of working experience in the financial industry, specialising in Quantitative Investment and Asset Management

  • Deep Expertise in market research, financial modeling, business development, investor relations, strategy development

  • Algorithmic trading in Cryptocurrencies / Early investor in various ICOs

  • Advisor on blockchain technology and application across vertical industries

  • Built low latency quantitative trading system using C++, maximising returns on a risk adjusted basis for investors


  • NTU Ph.D, Insead MBA, B.ENG from NTU

  • Over 15 years of engineering, R&D and business experience in the high tech industry, with broad technology knowledge

  • Previously served in A*STAR, the largest R&D  organisation in Singapore

  • Currently, General Manager of JCS Venture Lab, the technology venture co-creation collaboration between A*STAR, Enterprise Singapore, NUS and other venture partners

  • Executive committee of IEEE Singapore, and well connected in the science and engineering community in Singapore and China


  • Bachelor Degree from NUS and MBA from the Hull Business School

  • 6 years management of incubator at Singapore Management University, involved in the validation and development of start ups.

  • Validated over 500 proposals and facilitated the creation of over 80 tech start ups

  • Currently advisor to several global companies on their ICOs; Morpheus Labs which have raised over USD10 million, Alchemy a New York based P2P lending and borrowing platform that has raised over USD30million

  • Expertise on the blockchain technology and its impact on the new economy

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